Straight Teeth in Less Time with Invisible Braces in Mexico

Many patients who go to Tijuana for Invisible Braces had previously been told that their only option was to wear traditional braces for two years or get veneers in Mexico. Often this is not the case, and the smile can be fixed in a reasonable period.
A revolutionary combination of proven orthodontic techniques, modern materials, and innovative thought – Six Month Smiles® in Tijuana utilizes specialized discreet clear braces to gently straighten and align teeth in an average time of just six months.
Invisible braces usually involve treating the front teeth only, and the goal is to give the patient a great smile within a relatively short time frame and without the need to wear metal train tracks.
We do not try to change the bite to any significant degree, and the results we aim for are cosmetic only. If your goal is to change your bite or move a lot of the back teeth, you may still need to get conventional braces which may take longer.
How can it be done in 6 Months?
Professional Dentist in Mexico utilizes the latest technology combined with time-tested techniques to move your teeth quickly and safely.
Our goal is to give you a great smile, and so we only treat the teeth that will benefit your smile. We do not try to alter your bite or back teeth as this is usually unnecessary for cosmetic improvements.
Does the Six Month Smiles® Technique use high forces to move the teeth?
No. The Six Month Smiles® technique is a low force technique. Many people think we just “tighten” the braces more to get the teeth moving. This would slow down tooth movement.
Does the Six Month Smiles® Technique damage the teeth, roots, or gums in any way?
No, the causes for the above complications are individual biology and high forces over a long period. The Six Month Smiles® Technique uses low force with a short treatment duration to safely move the teeth. If your teeth are crowded, braces will usually allow you to keep them cleaner which will benefit their health.
Do I need to wear braces on all my teeth?
Yes, we have both small metal and clear braces. The clear braces blend into your teeth making them much more discreet. But you can choose to have just your upper or lower teeth treated.
What do the braces look Like?
The 6-Month Smiles system uses tooth-colored braces and wires that are only barely visible when close-up.
People will notice if they are stood close to you, but from a distance, they won't even tell that you are wearing braces.
They are not like train-track braces; however, they are more visible than clear braces like the Invisalign system, but the benefits of completing treatment in a fraction of the time outweigh this.
How do treatment work & how many appointments do I need?
The special 6-Month Smiles braces are small, white brackets connected via special wires that come directly from the 6-Month Smiles laboratory in the United States.
During your first visit, you will be fully assessed, and your dentist will take some photographs, X-rays and examine your smile.
Your dentist in Tijuana will give you an indication as to whether the 6-Month Smiles treatment is suitable for you and the likely treatment time and costs involved.
Following this, you will be fitted with the special braces, and from then you will have a 10-15 minute appointment every 4-5 weeks for regular adjustments until the end of your treatment.
Do I have to wear a retainer after treatment?
Yes. All orthodontic treatment requires retention afterward to reduce the risk of relapse. Your teeth tend to move back to their natural position and retention is important to prevent this.
Our dentist can either provide you with a night-time removable retainer to wear, or you can be fitted with a permanent bonded retainer on the back surfaces of your teeth.
Do Adults Get Braces?
Absolutely. Many people did not get braces when they were young. Now they have problems with their teeth and gums, or they are just unhappy with their smile.
Other people did have teeth braces when they were young, but they did not wear their retainers until they stopped growing. The result is that their teeth are now a little bit crooked.
Now they are unhappy with their smile, so they get braces too.
What does adult braces feel like?
Well, the beginning part of the treatment takes a bit of getting used to for adult patients. However, after treatment gets started, things are quite comfortable.
When you have your braces placed your mouth takes some time to get used to something new. This only lasts a few days, and after this, you’ll hardly notice them.
When we use gentle pressure to move your teeth, it is completely normal to have a sensation that they are slightly loose.
This is because the ligaments that hold your teeth in are being stretched a bit. Don’t worry when the braces come off this goes away entirely.
Other than that, braces will feel the same whether you get treatment when you are in your teens, or whether you get treatment when you are an adult.
Can I eat as normal or will the braces stain after eating?
Yes, you can eat most foods when wearing cosmetic braces. Sticky foods like toffee should be avoided. Braces do tend to stain a little after wearing them.
People who tend to like staining foods such as coffee, curries, red wine, etc, sometimes have to cut down. When your braces are adjusted, we change all of the parts that stain and place fresh white/clear ones. So don’t worry if they do happen to stain.
How do I get started?
Contact us to make an appointment for a consultation.
Conventional Braces
If you have a significant jaw malformation or your teeth bite very badly, you may need to get extensive braces which take two years or more.
If shorter term braces are not an option for you, we can refer you to a specialist orthodontist for treatment.
Take the first step towards improving your smile, your confidence and your life contact Trust Dental Care today on (844) 848 7878.

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