Rado, a Name to Acclaim In the World of Luxury Watches

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If there is any watch brand that has successfully passed the test of time, its Rado. For more than three decades now, the watches are being known for being high-tech ceramic timepieces. Each of the watch from the brand is the perfect example of craftsmanship and art. Complete with metallic, smooth surfaces and available in shiny or matte, the brand is a favorite in the wishlist of many. Brands do not survive just like that. There are quite a few unique features of the Rado watches for men and women that mesmerize.
Some amazing features of the Rado watches
Rado watches are created in a wide array of choicest colors. So, you can pick a color that matches your personality and style sense. The watches are hypoallergenic and lightweight. Thus, wearing the watches all day long is comfortable. The brand is an unmistakable choice even for people with sensitive skin.
Rado uses Plasma High-tech ceramic
It is a patented process that Rado uses in its watches. The high-tech plasma ceramic is forged in an oven at high temperatures. At high temperatures as high as 20, 000°C, the white ceramic turns into a unique and interesting material that has an unworldly shine to it! It is ceramic, and no metal, that gives a metallic luster to the watches. Only the color of the white ceramic is changed in the process, other properties of the watches remain same. Thus, the watches with plasma high-tech ceramic still remain comfortable, lightweight, and hard.
Rado uses Ceramos in its watches
Ceramos is a material that is revolutionary, lightweight, and extremely hard just like the high-tech ceramic that the brand uses. However, Ceramos has the durability of ceramic, is lightweight as well as has an irresistible sheen of precious metals. One unique quality of Ceramos is that it adusts quickly to the temperature of the skin. Thus, a Rado watch designed with Ceramos offers unrivalled comfort and convenience to the wearer.
Precious stones in the watches
With years of extensive research and use of nanotechnology the watch brand has been successful in using high-tech diamond surface in the watches! The Rado V10K watch has a diamond surface, which features hardness of around 10, 000 Vickers.
Not just diamonds, the Rado watches are fitted with Sapphire crystals too. Innovative use of metals and stones in watches is something the brand has quite successfully used to awestruck customers for years.
Today, Rado is a brand of watch that is known in multiple countries of the world. It is a brand for luxury watches that has come a long way from the modest start as The Schluo & Co. in Switzerland. By the time of World War II, the brand was the largest producer of watches in the world. And, till today it continues to innovate and use technology to create amazing timepieces that are truly timeless! So, go ahead and gift yourself a Rado today. There are different ranges and styles of timepieces available with this Swiss watchmaker. Choose yours...
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