It's Hard To Fix Someone

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There's no magic formula that will just wipe off the hurt cause by a person you love so much. I am a living proof that one day when you wake up; it won't hurt anymore. You will realize that you only tortured yourself for so long by holding on to something that is so fleeting.
I realized that I am the one who cause the pain on myself. I'm the one to blame, because for the longest time I was trying to fix something that was already broken. I didn't want it to end. I didn't want to believe that I invested so much of my time and my emotions on something that was never stable since the very beginning.
Even if the truth hurts, that other person was not that invested to begin with. Probably because they have moved on long before I did. When you try to fix something that is already broken, you're settling for something so frail that it could easily be broken again. You're settling for something less and that could even potentially break you.
I think this is the reason why people can't move on, because they believe that if they try a little harder, if they can try to fix what's broken, if they can just find another way to communicate or deal with that person, they can get what they want. And that is to mend that wall. Basically, they'll be able to change.
I know it sucks when something doesn't happen just the way you want it especially in marriage. But it sucks even more when you're the only one trying, when you're the only one convincing yourself that maybe if you change a few things, you can make it work, when you tell yourself that you can fix what's broken because it's better than starting over. It hurts when you expect too much from someone who doesn't even give you a thought. It also hurts when you want other people to change but can't. It's quite depressing.
But the best way to handle this situation and save yourself from being hurt for constantly trying to mend your broken relationships is how you find healthy relationships. It all starts with you. And it starts when you stop trying so hard to fix what's broken in your past. When you stop trying to fix something together and start looking for something stable.
Reality sucks but it's true.
When your heart gets broken, you will never be the same again. You become a different people and scarred. You begin to see life through a different perspective.
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