The Top Eight Most Popular Capitals Around The World

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All around the world, every single country has a capital city. And in some cases you get to find places that have more than one capital. This article will tell you about the top eight most popular and most beautiful capitals around the world.
1. London 
I don't think this would come as a surprise to anyone that London tops this list. I mean have you seen the place It is absolutely breathtaking! The glittering lights of the city and the hustle bustle of the people moving around will make you feel giddy with happiness. Other then that, London is also special because of its connection to Royalty and their gleaming castles.
2. Paris 
The capital of France is a place of romance and life. People from all around the world come to Paris to view their favorite Eiffel Tower and celebrate their love for each other. Another thing that you can enjoy here is the mouth watering food that the streets of Paris offer.
3. Tokyo 
The capital of Japan is beautiful but not in a conventional way. Tokyo with all its technical improvements is said to be the center of the world technology and that is the things that attracts you the most when you visit Tokyo. Buy miles online and visit this city using some amazing travel deals.
4. Berlin 
Germany for all its research and technological advances still has the most naturally beautiful capital of all times. Berlin will let you indulge in the true German experience without going through too much hassle
5. Rome 
The capital of Italy, is filled with so many places of significance, that you probably won't be able to cover them in one go. The first and foremost is the Roman Collisseum which is also considered to be one of the wonders of the world. Other than the beautiful architecture, it is said that Rome has the best Italian food that you'll ever have the pleasure of eating.
6. Copenhagen 
This beautiful city is the capital of Denmark and has a lot to offer you especially if you are a party animal. The amazing scenery and the hospitality of the people will make you fall in love with this place.
7. Athens 
The city of legends as I like to call it is beautiful for everyone who likes history and archeological facts. Because this city is filled with places that will satisfy the inner historian in you.
8. Amsterdam 
This city in Netherlands is beautiful enough to literally bring tears to your eyes. And believe it or not, but this city is said to be one of the most sustainable cities in the world which makes it even more beautiful.
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