What You Should Know Before Signing Up for EMSA Classes
Emergency Medical Services Authority (EMSA) training comprises several hours of training involving First Aid and CPR procedures. Anyone can sign up for EMSA classes, however, it’s essential to undergo training from a recognized institute only. Both first aid and CPR training, and preventive health and safety training programs are of 8 hours each, and cover both theoretical and practical download of operational procedures. You must know, undergoing these classes can actually boost your chances of landing a dream job. So, if that’s something on your mind, you know what you need to do next.

Things to remember about EMSA Classes

• EMSA training classes must only be sought from recognized institutes
• Make sure that your trainer is a certified professional himself
• The program must cover at least 8 hours of CPR and first aid training
• The program must cover at least 8 hours of preventive health and safety training
• There are no shorter training programs available; if some institute offers the same it may not be an authentic one
• These training courses are only available offline and not online
• Your institute should offer you a certificate recognized country-wide after you have successfully completed the program

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